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Scrolling through my twitter timeline I read a tweet from Zef Hemel and found myself reading his blog the complete afternoon. One post that catched my attention was entitled “Never Commit to Master”.

WhatsApp, running on your computer

I previously wrote about playing WhatApp through VNC on your Mac, but this wasn’t useful if you didn’t have a phone near. Anyhow, there has been some development in the reverse engineering of Whatsapp and there are also some great emulators available right now, so I would like to introduce to you: Bluestacks running WhatsAppWarning: you can only have 1 device connected to WhatsApp at the same time. Once you have entered the verification code on your computer, you can’t use WhatsApp on your phone anymore until you reactivate WhatsApp on your phone.

[OS X] High process numbers

Ever experienced high process numbers (20k+) in Finder? That’s probably since some process keeps respawning over and over. Some launchAgents fail to start and launchtcl keeps trying to start them. This is filling your hard disk with logs and keeps your hard disk busy writing, preventing it to spin down. 12-07-12 11:11:25,732 (org.postgresql.postgres[66258]) Exited with code: 1<br /> 12-07-12 11:11:25,732 (org.postgresql.postgres) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds<br /> 12-07-12 11:11:34,034 com.

Control your home server

Last year I published my Ultimate Single Sign On tool for setting up a perfect Home Server. The work on this project is not yet done and I can use all the help you guys can offer me. Setup is easy: just use VirtualBox, Ubuntu Server and install after a git clone of git://

When you have this (or your own working LDAP server) up and running your users can login on Mac OS X and Ubuntu and can use their home directories and stuff. But they can’t change their credentials and user info, till now..

LDAP Control is a control centre for your Home Server where your users can manage their data (feature #2) but can also start and plan backups (feature #1), browse your families Address Book (feature #3), manage your favorite series and movies through the media centre (feature 4), and much more (when you guys help me).