Git repository for ‘Single Sign On’-project

When I first made my installer for OpenLDAP I did this for my own convenience. But while doing so I realized the script could be useful for more people and I published it on my blog. Then it became big, and I invited Sean to write for my blog about this project. For Sean and you guys I just made a git repository on GitHub so anyone can edit the installer to be the best (and first) SSO-installer ever.

WhatsApp on Mac or PC

Update 13/01/13: run WhatsApp on your pc/mac without a phone/VNC! WhatsApp is a fairly new App for multiple mobile devices. Due to the App Store, Android Market, etc. it grew huge in just a few months. Especially since people started to use them as a replacement for SMS chats and because your identity is based on your mobile number. I think WhatsApp as a service has one disadvantage: it only works on mobile devices.

Want a free/open-source Apple Home Server?

When Apple introduced the Mac Mini server version nobody knew. When Apple discontinued the XServe people started thinking. When the changes for OS X Lion became public and OS X Server was merged into the client-version, everybody should have known. When the rumors came that Apple will stop using Samba and implement their own SMB2 server/client, I knew: Apple wants to give the world an alternative to Windows Home Server (WHS).

Whats in for me?

Backup Network Homedirectories to Time Machine

TimeMachine logoHaving a home server can be very useful when having a lot of computers at home or having a lot of machines with different capabilities. User can then choose which computer they want to use and will always have their home directory, group folders and shares right at the dock. Very convenient. But then you start to think about redundancy and data safety. What happens if your single home server crashes. All files and a lot of work will be lost. So there is a need for backups and since we’re using Mac OS X Server I started to look at Time Machine for backing up home directories.